• Die Känguru Verschwörung
    Fur simulation for the sequel of our beloved "Beuteltier".
    Moviepster: Die Känguru Verschwörung
  • She-Hulk – Attorney at Law
    TV-Series: Transforming Emil Blonsky into Abomination, ripping his cloth in the process and wrapping him into a nice and cosy blanket afterwards.
    Movieposter: She Hulk Attorney at Law
  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
    Simulating the"cloak of levitation".
    Movieposter: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
  • Shang Chi
    Fur-, feather- and muscle-CFX setups and simulations for various characters.
    Moviepster: Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
  • The Suicide Squad
    FX simulation of bullet impacts, sparks, granade sand explosions and big volumetric shock-waves.
    Movieposter: The Suicide Squad
  • Hausen
    TV-Series: Leading the FX-team creating slimy mold and other dark fx-setups in Houdini.
    Movieposter: Hausen
  • Jim Knopf und die Wilde 13
    Pyro-Fireball, Vellum Sand and POP-Fluid dropets for this kids-movie classic.
    Movieposter: Jim Knopf und die Wilde 13
  • Biohackers
    TV-Series: POP-simulation and point-instancing of a mosquito swarm.
    Movieposter: Biohackers
  • Tales from the Loop
    TV-Series: Simulation of "unusual" snowflakes using Houdini Grains.
    Movieposter: Tales from the Loop
  • Die Känguru Chroniken
    CFX simulation and development of CFX-related tools/workflows for Vellum fur-simulation in Houdini.
    Movieposter: Die Känguru Chroniken
  • Jumanji: The Next Level
    Houdini Bullet RBD simulation to collaps an ice-cliff for the trailer.
    Movieposter: Jumanji: The Next Level
  • Chernobyl
    TV-Series: Designed the behaviour of the dancing reactor lid and helped to sim the giant smoke column.
    Movieposter: Chernobyl
  • Doctor Who
    TV-Series: Creating a wide range of intergalactic FX for the 13th Doctor
    Movieposter: Dr. Who (Season 11)
  • Loro
    Destruction of a church through an earthquake using bullet RBDs and Pyro.
    Movieposter: Loro
  • Krypton
    TV-Series: Procedural growth-fx for Superman's cape
    Movieposter: Krypton
  • The Alienist
    TV-Series: Houdini FLIP- and Ocean simulation for the water-reservoir in S01- EP10
    Movieposter: The Alienist
  • Altered Carbon
    TV-Series: Rain-fx, ocean-fx and a multilayered disintegration-effect for Poe's death
    Movieposter: Altered Carbon
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
    Houdini Lighting and rendering using Mantra on the "Obscurus" sequence and supporting the FX-team by developing a "cobble-stone road"- and "rooftop snow"-HDA
    Movieposter: Fantastic Beasts
  • Life
    Houdini Carbon cloth-simulation of a rubber glove & FEM-simulation of creature wrinkles for the sequence where ‘Derry’ examines Calvin inside a isolated glove-box
    Movieposter: Life
  • Will
    TV-Series: Houdini ocean-fx, a custom ocean- and foam-shader, and the simulation of a ship-wake using particles, ripple-solver and FLIP
    Movieposter: Will
  • Emerald City
    TV-Series: Houdini particle-simulation / instancing and HDA-toolbuilding to create locust-swarms and a "locust-explosion" for the final battle of Season 1, Episode 10
    Movieposter: Emerald City
  • Perwoll “Care&Repair”
    TVC: Particle-based, debris system of very fine glass-splinters in Maya as secondary element to add more detail to the already existing cracking-mirror RBD-simulation
    VFX rendering of a yellow Perwoll Care & Repair bottle infront of a currently shattering mirror.
  • Zweifel “Cractiv”
    TVC: steam, Maya Fluid simulation
    Another man wearing an orange Zweifel baseball cap in a russian metal-sauna with VFX-steam coming out of his ears.
  • Deutz “Weizenfeld”
    TVC: wheat-ear generator.
    Close-up CG render of the Deutz "Weizenfeld" at sunset.
  • McDonald’s “Kids”
    TVC: Penguin, ZBrush-sculpting
    A smiling girl giving our McDonald's VFX penguin "high-five".
  • Swisslos “Advent”
    TVC: „fir-branch generator“ HDA
    VFX rendering of a Swisslos in a snow globe surrounded fir branches and red, lit candles.
  • Houdini Water Drops
    FLIP fluid-simulation and rendering
    Liquid drops FLIP fluid-simulation rendering.
  • Drei Wetter Taft
    TVC/Packshot: lable-prep/texturing, lighting, shading and rendering of all products for a remake of the famous 1989 Drei Wetter Taft TV-commercial
    Closeup of Heidi Klumm smiling and showing her wonderfull blond hair in her Schwarzkopf Drei Wetter Taft Ultimate commercial.
  • Mamba”Tropic Island”
    TVC: Contributed as 3D-Generalist
    Kids and Mamba cartoon characters riding a tropical rollercoaster.
  • Vernel “Almond Blossoms”
    TVC/Packshot: nCloth simulation of soft almond blossoms gently gliding down to the ground
    VFX rendering of a russian Vernel bottle with graphical ornaments in the background and flower petals on the floor.
  • Syoss “Creatin” Japan
    TVC/Packshot: object tracking, camera tracking, lable-prep/texturing, lighting, shading and rendering of the shampoo-bottle in the model's hand and the shelf behind her
    A japanes women in a drugstore happily holding a black Syoss Creatin shampoo bottle which was added using VFX.
  • DMG Ecoline
    CAD-Visualisation of various turning- and milling-machines
    CAD-Visualisation: Milltap 700