Another man wearing an orange Zweifel baseball cap in a russian metal-sauna with VFX-steam coming out of his ears.
Zweifel “Cractiv”
VFX rendering of a Swisslos in a snow globe surrounded fir branches and red, lit candles.
Swisslos “Advent”
A smiling girl giving our McDonald's VFX penguin "high-five".

McDonald's "Kids"

In this TV-commercial, some cool kids are off to McDonald's in search for "a big portion of fun and play"!

My task was to come up with a animation-ready penguin-model in a very short amount of time. I used photogrammetry on a given plastic reference-model to quickly get a rough ref-mesh to start from, box-modeled a base-mesh over it in Maya and brought it into ZBrush for detailing and auto-retopology using ZRemesher.

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Mc Donalds