A smiling girl giving our McDonald's VFX penguin "high-five".
McDonald’s “Kids”
Liquid drops FLIP fluid-simulation rendering.
Houdini Water Drops

I helped Südlich-t Munich to create the VFX for the Swisslos Advent TV-commercial, for which I developed a fir-branch generator in Houdini.

Swisslos "Advent"

When I saw that our modeling artists were about to create the fir-branches we needed for our Swisslos "Advent" VFX project traditionally in Maya, I couldn't withhold my urge to solve this in a procedural way using Houdini. I developed a "fir-branch generator" HDA that allowed us to come up with lots of different variations in a artistfriendly, fast and artdirectable way which would be very hard if not impossible to achive using standard modeling methods.

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Screencapture showcasing the fir-branch generator HDA in Houdini.

The built-in preview/display modes allow to adjust the model in real-time.

Ramp-controls allow to edit and customize the fir-branch in a visual way.

Once the look is defined, the Artist can switch to the highres-geometry to inspect the result.

The finished fir-branch can then be exported as alembic and imported into any 3D-package of your liking.