TV Project

  • Emerald City

    TV-Series: Houdini particle-simulation / instancing and HDA-toolbuilding to create locust-swarms and a "locust-explosion" for the final battle of Season 1, Episode 10
    emerald City Houdini Simulation
  • Tales from the Loop

    Simulation of "unusual" snowflakes using Houdini Grains.
    Tales from the loop: Houdini FX-TD
  • Biohackers

    TV-Series: POP-simulation and point-instancing of a mosquito swarm.
  • Will

    TV-Series: Houdini ocean-fx, a custom ocean- and foam-shader, and the simulation of a ship-wake using particles, ripple-solver and FLIP
    Will Houdini Ocean FX
  • Chernobyl

    TV-Series: Designed the behaviour of the dancing reactor lid and helped to sim the giant smoke column.
    Chernobyl: TV-Series Design
  • Doctor Who

    TV-Series: Creating a wide range of intergalactic FX for the 13th Doctor
    Dr. Who TV-Series: intergalactic FX
  • Krypton

    TV-Series: Procedural growth-fx for Superman's cape
    Krypton: FX TD
  • Altered Carbon

    TV-Series: Rain-fx, ocean-fx and a multilayered disintegration-effect for Poe's death
    Altered Carbon - FX