VFX rendering of a russian Vernel bottle with graphical ornaments in the background and flower petals on the floor.
Vernel “Almond Blossoms”
CAD-Visualisation: Milltap 700
DMG Ecoline
A japanes women in a drugstore happily holding a black Syoss Creatin shampoo bottle which was added using VFX.

For this Syoss "Creatin" (Japan) TV-commercial done at südlich-t VFX Munich, I did matchmoving, label preparation and lighting in Maya.

Syoss "Creatin" Japan

TV-commercial / Packshot for Syoss in Japan. The bottle the model held during shooting had to be replaced, and a shelf of bottles had to be added behind her.

Tasks involved object tracking, camera, tracking, label preparation / texturing using Illustrator/Indesign/Photoshop, lighting, shading and rendering in Maya/MentalRay.

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Maya / MentalRay