Closeup of Heidi Klumm smiling and showing her wonderfull blond hair in her Schwarzkopf Drei Wetter Taft Ultimate commercial.
Drei Wetter Taft
VFX rendering of a russian Vernel bottle with graphical ornaments in the background and flower petals on the floor.
Vernel “Almond Blossoms”

Mamba "Tropic Island"

Full-CG TV-commercial for Mamba fruit chews, where a group of school-kids magically escape the dull classrom to visit a sunny, tropical island inhabited by happy, friendly fruit-characters .

I contributed to modeling plants, set-dressing the island, and also to lighting, shading and rendering for multiple shots.

done at





Maya, MentalRay

Mamba "Duo"

Another Full-CG TV-commercial for Mamba fruit chews, now featuring the new mamba duo flavours.

I helped to design the pipeline/workflows to efficiantly render a vast amount of env-geometry using instancing and V-Ray proxies in Maya and did some layout and setdressing.